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 An awesome Brayton Laguna St Bernard designed by
"Andy" Anderson in the 1930s...
....Be careful of fakes  (click here) .
 Brayton Laguna preacher, bride, and groom
from the "Shotgut Wedding" series modeled by Andy Anderson
Plus shotgun toting dad...and baby. These characters are
very hard to find.
Weller Pottery 11" Marvo Bowl with a Weller Fisher Boy
flower frog
 Large 7.5" Brush Pottery Frog ca: 1957
 Burley & Winter Pottery Vase
Crooksville, Ohio  ca: 1915
 Roseville Pottery - Tourmaline - 1933
 Frankoma Pottery "Phoebe" Wall Vase
Prairie Green Glaze over Ada Clay
 Stangl Pottery - 12 1/8" #3584 Cockatoo
designed by Auguste Jacob, credited with designing many of
the Stangl birds
Smaller version of the Stangl Parrot - This one is #3580 - 8.75"
1894 H.S. Crocker Lithograph of a
1849 Painting by George Burgess of San Francisco Bay
legend (LL) points out historical points of interest
Copper Desk Lamp attributed to H.G. McFaddin & Co.
New York ca: 1916
Pottery Vases by Weller and Roseville
Figurines by Frankoma and Hull Potteries
 9.5" Vase attributed to JB Cole, North Carolina - ca 1960
 Stangl Pottery - Trenton NJ - small Cockatoo figurine
Prior to opening his own pottery in 1930, J. Martin Stangl worked as
general manager of the famous Fulper Pottery.  Martin Stangl
died in 1972..the company operations ceased in 1978
 Flower Bowl ,with the famous "Catmark" and go-with Frog
 Art Deco Lamp - celebrating the last flight of Will Rogers
and Wiley Post
Roseville Pottery - Arrowhead Mostique Pattern
9" Hanging Basket...a rare form
produced the height of the Arts & Crafts Movement
 Frankoma Pottery - Vase #73
11 inches tall Prairie Green over Ada clay
Weller Pottery - Novelty Dachshund  9"
 Weller Pottery - Woodcraft Vase - 9.5"
 Oil on canvasboard 16x20 - Northwest (possibly Canada) Logging
 Gardena California artist Kenzie McDonell Leitch (1892-1981)
 Leitch was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada 12/17/1891  - Started painting
lessons at the age of 10. Moved to Gardena, CA in the early 1930s
Weller Pottery - Flemish Jardiniere - 8" tall - circa 1920
 Monumental and scarce 12" Vase with mermaids modeled all around...
Incised mark Vance F (faience) & Co (J.N. Vance and Sons of Wheeling, WV)
dates it to around 1902
This vase was damaged in the San Francisco earthquake and
since restored
Roseville Pottery Dogwood I Bowl 1926
 Bauer Dinnerware
Weller Pottery - Candleholders - Warwick Pattern - 1928
(one has a flat kiln stick flake on the unglased bottom)
 and, more Frankoma
a nearly complete service for 8 in the Plainsman Pattern
Prairie green glaze over Sapulpa clay  ca: 1960
 signed Bradley & Hubbard oil lamps (we have a matched pair)
ca 1890...these were electrified in the 1930's
  Art Nouveau Lady Head Vase signed Weller
in early matt glaze
 Note - While this 8" vase is signed "Weller" in block letters by hand...
there is a nearly identical item shown in "The House of Heager" by
Paradis on page 23.
Frankoma Pottery - Fan Dancer - Prairie Green over Ada Clay
 Frankoma Creek Indian Pottery with original paper label
John Frank taught the Creeks to make pottery for the tourist trade
 Weller Pottery - Fruitone Vase - before 1920
hand thrown and unmarked
Large Indiana Impressionist Landscape signed H. Bowman
(likely Hazel Bowman..listed in Davenports Art Ref)
Weller Pottery - Warwick pattern  ca 1928

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